Will I see you at OSCON?

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This will be my first year attending OSCON and to top it off, I’ll be speaking on Friday morning about Free QA! – a case study using CPAN Testers to explore four important practices for large-scale, volunteer QA projects:

  • Building for your culture: why a culture of testing matters and how not to alienate people with (unsolicited) QA
  • Getting people hooked: how to attract new participants and how to keep them motivated through feedback and competition
  • Freeing the data: why public QA benefits the community and how innovative mashups are changing the way developers use QA
  • Designing for change: how volunteer projects can plan for growth and how to use cheap cloud services as a force multiplier

If you not seduced away to see Eric Wilhelm talk about lazy API design, please come to my talk and be a nice friendly audience for me and help me wave the Perl flag, OK? Thanks!

Apart from the talk, I’m looking forward to meeting people in person that I’ve only spoken to online. So if we only know each other digitally and you’ll be at OSCON, please let me know so we can meet up face-to-face [1]. (And if we haven’t met but you’d like to, come find me anyway. I’m pretty friendly.)

The other scary/fun thing on my plate for OSCON involves Perl itself. I’m the scheduled release engineer for July for the Perl 5.13 development series, so on Monday and Tuesday of OSCON, you might find me a little distracted as I prep and ship Perl 5.13.3. (And for the rest of the conference, I’ll be happy to talk about the very latest that is new in Perl.)

See you there!

[1] If I’ve ever said I owe you a beer for something, this may be your chance to collect

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