When RFCs attack: HTTP::Tiny is getting stricter

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The problem with standards are that there are too many standards. When RFC-2616 – defining HTTP/1.1 – was updated, the IETF spread the details across six RFCs: RFC-7230 to RFC-7235. Most of the changes appear to be server side, but in some areas, particularly around header formatting, the rules are getting tighter.

I was lucky to have a hackathon day at the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop, so I implemented some of the stricter rules as well as fixing a number of other bugs (and even adding a few features!) See the HTTP::Tiny Changes file for details.

I still need to review more of the RFCs to see if there are other changes that impact HTTP::Tiny.

Meanwhile, HTTP-Tiny-0.057-TRIAL.tar.gz is on CPAN. Please, please, please install it and use it in your day-to-day work to see if there are any problems.

Here is how you can install it with cpanm or cpan:

$ cpanm --dev HTTP::Tiny
$ cpan DAGOLDEN/HTTP-Tiny-0.057-TRIAL.tar.gz

If you find any problems, please open a ticket on the HTTP::Tiny Github issue tracker.


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