What's next after the "Fail 100"?

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Yesterday, Adam Kennedy announced his latest CPAN Top 100 list: the “Fail 100”.   It ranks CPAN distributions by the product of dependent count and FAIL count from CPAN Testers to give a list of distributions at greatest risk of blocking other distributions.

The two measures are correlated, of course, since distributions that other things depend on get tested a lot and a distribution needs to get tested a lot to rack up a big FAIL count.  Still, it’s an interesting measure to try to identify critical paths in the CPAN.

I can only wonder (partly in jest) what might be next:

  • Buggy 100 – weighting by number of tickets on RT or other bug tracker (ignoring “unimportant” or “wishlist” tickets)
  • Stale 100 – weighting by time since last released
  • Workload 100 – weighting by total number of FAILS and bug tickets, but divided by number of maintainers and co-maintainers

We’ll have to wait and see…

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