Stop Pod tests before they stop you!

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Have you ever installed a CPAN module with a big dependency chain and had installation fail somewhere in the middle? Have you ever investigated and found the failure was due to Test::Pod or Test::Pod::Coverage?


I hate that! Pod tests are release tests and shouldn’t be inflicted on end users. But some authors got hooked on a crazy fad of bundling those tests. (I blame you, Module::Starter.)

I’ve figured out a hack to stop those annoying tests: TAP::Harness::Restricted.

It bypasses Pod and Pod coverage tests on the fly. All you need to do is specify it in the HARNESS_SUBCLASS environment variable.

$ cpanm TAP::Harness::Restricted
$ export HARNESS_SUBCLASS=TAP::Harness::Restricted
$ cpanm Thing::With::Lots::Of::Dependencies

Never be bothered by failing Pod tests again!

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