MongoDB Perl Driver v1.0.2 released

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The MongoDB Perl driver v1.0.2 has been released on CPAN.

This is a stable bugfix release. Changes include:

  • PERL-198 Validate user-constructed MongoDB::OID objects.
  • PERL-495 Preserve fractional seconds when using dt_type ‘raw’.
  • PERL-571 Include limits.h explicitly.
  • PERL-526 Detect stale primaries by election_id (only supported by MongoDB 3.0 or later).
  • PERL-575 Copy inflated booleans instead of aliasing them.

Please see the Changes file if you wish additional detail.

We always appreciate feedback from the user community. Please submit comments, bug reports and feature requests via JIRA.

NOTE: If you use the MongoDB Perl driver, please click the “++” button on the MongoDB release page.

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