Module::Build bug triage help requested

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In an attempt to fix up Perl’s Module::Build in preparation for a new 0.34 release, I’ve been hacking away at  the bug queue, but there are so many stale bug reports that it’s hard to figure out what really needs work.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Go to the Module Build RT queue
  • Click on the “Severity” header to sort by severity
  • Pick ONE bug of Normal severity

If you don’t see one you like, pick one randomly.  Find a bug number with a final digit that matches the last digit of your birth year.  Or roll a d10.  Whatever.  Just pick ONE.

  • Figure out if the bug still exists based on the code in the repository trunk
  • Update the ticket with your findings

In particular, if you think the severity can be lowered, please indicate that.  I would generally say that “Normal” bugs would be functional, whereas documentation gaps could be marked down to “Unimportant” and new feature requests should be “Wishlist”.  If a ticket is waiting for feedback from the reporter or waiting for some other module to be fixed, please indicate it needs to be marked “stalled”.

If you’re feeling particularly inspired, write a patch.  Or even just write a test to confirm the bug.  Anything helps.

Thanks very much!

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