Help test IO::Socket::IP for Perl v5.20

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Do you want good IPv6 support in the Perl core?

The Perl 5 Porters intend to add IO::Socket::IP to the Perl 5 core for Version 20, coming later this year. IO::Socket::IP makes IPv4/IPv6 transparent networking easy.

It aims to be a drop-in replacement for IO::Socket::INET (with some caveats), so that most existing code merely needs to do s/IO::Socket::INET/IO::Socket::IP/ to gain IPv6 support.

Preliminary tests have been favorable, but P5P would like more testing to see how well it works as a drop-in replacement in real-world situations. You can help in one of two ways:

The hard, but good way 🔗︎

Take some networking code you’ve written and replace IO::Socket::INET with IO::Socket::IP.

If you find any problems, report them to the IO::Socket::IP bug queue.

This is the best test, but requires the most work from you.

The easy, but risky way 🔗︎

Install Acme::Override::INET from CPAN. This replaces your IO::Socket::INET with a thin wrapper around IO::Socket::IP.

THIS IS RISKY, because it affects every Perl program you run, so be sure you’re willing to take the risk.

I’ve been running it for a while on my day-to-day Perl and haven’t had any problems so far. Other Porters, including Ricardo Signes and Nicholas Clark are also using it.

If you find any problems, report them to the IO::Socket::IP bug queue.

This is super easy and fairly comprehensive since it affects everything you do. But you have to accept the risk of breakage.

[If you want to remove the override, you should be able to delete the modified IO::Socket::INET from your sitelib path and Perl will resume using IO::Socket::INET in your core library path.]

Mention that you’re helping 🔗︎

If no one reports any bugs, does that mean that lots of people tried it and no one had problems? Or does it mean that no one bothered to try?

If you test IO::Socket::IP (either way above), then please add yourself to this ticket.

Thank you!

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