CPAN Testers supports Perl programming

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Some recent articles point out some methodology flaws in the TIOBE index of programming languages and suggest the Perl community act to promote Perl:

I just want to point out a couple ways that the CPAN Testers project is doing its part to support Perl programming.

First, the new CPAN Testers website design template includes the phrase “CPAN Testers, supporting the Perl programming language since 1999” – which means it’s now on 50k+ pages, one for every CPAN distribution/version ever tested.

Second, I just released Test::Reporter 1.54, which adds the magic “perl programming” phrase to every new CPAN Testers report submitted.  If only we had done that on day 1, there would now be over 3.8 million searchable examples on various NNTP mirrors.

Is this silly?  Time will tell…

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