Module::Build repository migrated to git

I have completed a migration of the Module::Build repository from Subversion to git.

The new repository is available publicly on

I have done my best to clean up the merge/branch/tag history, but have not bothered to clean up empty commits left over from the original cvs2svn conversion. If anyone sees any glaring errors please let me know.

I hope this migration makes it easy for people to contribute to Module-Build. I was pleasantly surprised to find that within 12 hours of it being publishing on github, it’s already being watched by several people.

At the very least, it will make working on feature branches much easier to manage, which will make it easier to experiment with new ideas without affecting the main line of development.

If anyone would like to start applying patches from the Module::Build bug queue, or creating patches for other open tickets, that would be huge help.

I will be “closing out” the old Subversion repository with a pointer to the new location shortly.