Module::Build release candidate for 0.36

Module::Build 0.35_07 has arrived on CPAN. This closes all all Critical, Important and Normal bug tickets from the ticket queue that are not stalled for upstream fixes.

I consider it “Release Candidate 0” for 0.36. This means my focus will be on fixing any show-stoppers in the release candidates and that there is a general feature and bug-fix freeze until 0.36 is done.

The 0.35_XX development series has a number of new features to note:

  • Generates MYMETA.yml during Build.PL (new standard protocol for communicating configuration results between toolchain components)
  • Added ‘needs_compiler’ property. Defaults to true if XS or c_source exist. If true, ExtUtils::CBuilder is also added to build_requires.
  • Added ‘share_dir’ property to provide File::ShareDir support; set automatically if a directory called ‘share’ exists. File::ShareDir automatically added to ‘requires’ if ‘share_dir’ is set
  • Added ‘Build installdeps’ action to install needed dependencies via a user-configurable command line program. (Defaults to ‘cpan’.)
  • Command line options may be set via the PERL_MB_OPT environment variable (similar to PERL_MM_OPT in ExtUtils::MakeMaker)
  • Reduced amount of console output under normal operation (use –verbose to see all output)
  • Added experimental inc/ bundling; see Module::Build::Bundling for details.

See the Changes file for additional details on the many bugs fixed.

If you are a CPAN author and use Module::Build, please install 0.35_07 and test your distribution(s). This is particularly important if you use any Module::Build sublclasses or custom code.