If you use MongoDB and Perl, I want your feedback!

With the release of the v1.0 MongoDB Perl driver, I’m starting to sketch out a roadmap for future development and I’d like to hear from anyone using MongoDB and Perl together.

How can you help? 🔗︎

  1. Please take a few minutes to fill out the MongoDB Developer Experience Survey.

    This survey covers all languages that MongoDB supports in-house. In the past, there have been few responses from Perl developers and I’d like to change that.

  2. Please click the “++” button on the MetaCPAN MongoDB Release page.

    Because there are no download statistics for CPAN, gauging community interest is challenging and this is one – albeit crude – metric I (and my bosses!) can look at over time.

  3. Please file a JIRA ticket for any bugs or feature requests you have.

    If you absolutely can’t stand to deal with JIRA, you can email me directly and I’ll put it in JIRA for you.

  4. Please promote your work! Blog about it, tweet about, give talks, etc.

    Don’t let the “hip” languages be the only ones people think of for big data and NoSQL development.

Why is giving feedback so important? 🔗︎

MongoDB is one of the only next-gen databases to support Perl in-house.

Your feedback helps demonstrate community interest to keep it that way.

Thank you! 🔗︎

If you enjoyed this or have feedback, please let me know by or