Hammering away in the Perl toolchain smithy

What have I been up to lately? I’ve been tooling (toiling?) away in the Perl toolchain smithy, fixing up modules on CPAN and patching blead.

CPAN module work:

  • Released Module::Build 0.35_03. Among other things, this is much quieter by default, with less junk spewed onto the terminal.
  • Released ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.26_04. This splits Windows compiler packages into separate module files, fixes several MSVC bugs and has a couple minor fixes to support mingw64.
  • (Earlier in October) Released ExtUtils::ParseXS 2.21. This fixes major breakages on older Perls.
  • For CPAN.pm, fixing up various failing tests on Win32 and making auto-configuration quieter and friendlier. These are now available in CPAN 1.94_52, now on CPAN.

Work on the Perl core (and related modules):

  • Added is_deprecated() to Module::CoreList to identify modules that are marked as such in 5.11.X.
  • Revised auto-generation of Module::CoreList to populate the list of deprecated modules when Module::CoreList is updated before a Perl release.
  • I also added support for this to CPAN.pm to “do the right thing” when a deprecated module is found in a prerequisite list. These are still in my repository and I hope will soon be merged in the CPAN.pm master repository and eventually into the blead branch of the Perl source
  • Other minor tweaks and Todo list additions

This has been keeping me too busy to work on finishing inc bundling for Module::Build and a number of personal projects, but I hope to get back to them soon.