When it rains it pours. As much as I’d like to keep my projects a FIFO queue, it’s operating a bit like a stack these days. Here’s what’s keeping me busy (when I’m not busy enough with paying work and family life):

  • Reviewing and finalizing ‘package NAME VERSION’ patches for the Perl core (hopefully before the code freeze)
  • CPAN Testers 2.0 migration project – volunteers are jumping in, which is good since I’ve barely had time to do anything but answer questions and help give people direction. I haven’t even had a chance to blog about first week progress
  • CPAN Meta Spec 2.0 – delayed once and will be delayed again. This is really, really close to done, but just doesn’t have the urgency of everything else
  • Assorted bug reports and module patches – and only if they take a few minutes or less

That’s my Iron Man post for the week. Stay tuned next week for actual progress reports, I hope.

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