CPAN Testers 2.0 mid-March update

We’ve hit a major milestone. The CT2.0 closed beta test has begun. About half a dozen CPAN Testers have volunteered to start submitting reports to a CT2.0 beta site. In only a few days of beta testing, it has received over 3000 reports from perls on several major operating systems and architectures.

Some of the immediate discoveries and improvements include:

  • Chris Williams released a new version of CPANPLUS to provide an additional data field needed for CT2.0.
  • I revised the Metabase::Fact distribution to avoid some test bugs in bleadperl and downgrade several prereqs so it can be used on Perls back to 5.006.
  • I released a couple new versions of Test::Reporter. 1.55 was a patch from Dan Collins to improve how reports are saved/loaded for testers that save files to disk, move them to another machine and then upload. 1.56 attempts to fix line-ending issues moving report files between Windows and Unix (reported by Serguei Trouchelle)
  • I released a new version of Metabase::Client::Simple with Net::SSL as a prerequisite. This may be a temporary fix (and it makes it not so “simple”), but for now it helps beta testers avoid annoying and hard-to-diagnose errors from LWP

I want to particularly thank all the intrepid CT2.0 beta test volunteers: Andreas Koenig, Apocalypse, Dan Collins, MW487, Nigel Horne, Serguei Trouchelle, and Shlomi Fish. While I’m sure they might feel more like crash-test dummies, I greatly appreciate the time they are taking and the excellent feedback they’ve been giving. Keep up the great work!

After another week or so of shakedown, I hope to open the beta test to anyone interested in participating.